1) Your pompoms go missing even though you JUST bought a new pack: We all 13450773_10154219904797560_4912172296103646121_nhave those classes where the kids go crazy for pompoms! They play with them, throw them at each other, stick them in their hair, you name it–they have done it. Some politely ask if they can take one (and sneak three) home, while the other pompoms seem to just disappear into thin air. Like, where do they go?!

2) The talking stick has seen better days: That poor talking stick. It has been with you every class, every disaster, every om-mazing moment, and it shows. Your decorations are falling off, the wood is chipping, and it looks more like a weapon of war than a symbol of peace.

3) You get warm fuzzies when your rowdy students successfully meditate and float out the door: We have all been there. Sometimes, there is that feeling that you get right a13495173_10208410674657213_7265338346234649807_nt the beginning of class that you know it’s going to be a crazy one. You push them through some high energy routines, guide them through the Secret Garden, and you feel completely accomplished when the rowdy kids transform into young, peaceful professionals.

4) You find it really difficult not to say “namaste” at the end of a real life conversations: It’s hard to explain to your adult friends what exactly kids’ yoga is and why you do it. You believe in what you are doing, and you pour your heart into and live it everyday. Sometimes, you get an entire yoga kids song stuck in your head.

5) You always leave the store with one more thing for your “bag of tricks.”: A quick trip to grab kitty litter suddenly becomes an hour spent in the crafts section, thinking of cute yoga crafts, and grabbing the supplies before the idea is even fleshed out. You check out of the store, confident in how amazing your yoga crafts will be, arriveprops home–and realize you forgot the kitty litter.

6) Yoga pants and tanks are literally your entire wardrobe: Because who needs any other clothes? You cover work outfits and home outfits in one fell swoop. Okay okay, maybe you have your “nice” yoga pants and your “grungy” yoga pants but they still take up your whole closet.

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