Leksi, aka Mini-Me

Single Mom. Yikes. I never imagined I’d find myself saying that and yet I’ve been in this role for nearly six years now. I’ll skip the gory details that unfortunately are not unique to my situation—the years of arguments over parenting plans and the difficulties that come with playing both sides of “good cop/bad cop,” that at times make you wonder where you put that Parenting Manual! But most days I relish in the relationship my daughter and I have and feel lucky that she and I share a bond that is specific to us.

A few years ago, I turned to yoga as many people do. It seems we all have a story that brings us to our mats. But when I took my first Kidding Around Yoga training, my entire life changed. It was a weekend in May 2012, and as usual, my completely supportive parents offered to take care of my daughter, Leksi, so I could attend the training. These were the days of the three-day training sessions, and by Friday night I walked back to my hotel room on the beautiful St. Pete beach by myself, sat on the sand, and knew that something amazing was starting to happen. I followed Haris’ advice, got a good night’s rest, and returned for the next two days of magic. That last day, my parents brought Leksi to the kids’ class as the culminating “pulling it all together” sample class for us to really see Kidding Around Yoga in action. As a classroom teacher, I was used to kids, but I had never seen anything like this before. My own little girl was active, moving, grooving, and then resting peacefully in her Secret Garden. That was it—put a fork in me, call the fat lady, strike the gong… I was sold. My life wouldn’t be the same again.

That night, I extended my reservation in the little hotel room on the beach, called in a sub for the following day, and had my first “mini-vacation” with Leksi. It was our first stay in a hotel room with just the two of us. We played on the beach and began memorizing and dancing to all the fantastic Kidding Around Yoga Music. All the while, something magical was happening and I had no idea what was to come.


Two years have passed and I continue to be amazed at what Kidding Around Yoga has given me and continues to bring. I got my 200-hour yoga certification, am scheduled to lead my first training in my home state of Alaska this summer, use yoga in the classroom on a daily basis, and teach kids’ classes at a beautiful studio. I have taught Girl Scout meetings, birthday parties, and three-hour day camps. I continue to find ways to incorporate yoga into our everyday lives and opportunities to share this lifelong practice.

Leksi is now an experienced little yogi who loves teaching and playing the clapping game My Little Light, is a great helper in classes and she understands when “mommy has a yoga thing”. She either dutifully accompanies me or asks to go visit Grandma!

For the recent full moon, a friend was leading 108 moon salutations on the beach, and when given the option of coming or passing, Leksi decided to join us. As the adults began their practice, she went around our yoga circle and drew images of Chandra, the moon, in the sand. Then she added some Oms, peace signs, and hearts. My most favorite part of the evening was when she sweetly asked if there was room for her in the circle, and little Mini-Me hung in for about 20 salutations! After that, she decided to play in the sand again, took a meditation break, and then joined in for the last few after sunset as the park attendant was asking us to leave.

If you love the video, we have a song! Click below to listen:
[mp3j track=”www.kiddingaroundyoga.com/mp3/samples/My_Little_Light_sample.mp3″ caption=”Om Work” title=”My Little Light”][wp_eStore_buy_now_button id=27]

We encourage people to take Kidding Around Yoga training (in person or Online with our OKAY training) because of the impact it has on children. It will make you the most prepared and confident Kids’ Yoga teacher out there, and we want to change the world one peaceful child at a time. However, it is times like this that make me stop and realize that being the “single mom” has given me the freedom and courage to go out there, find what is best for myself and my daughter and pursue it—no holds barred. I love sharing my passion of yoga with children, and the bond that Leksi and I share because of yoga now is something that will never be undone.

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