communication-1296385_1280In some ways, the business of kids’ yoga is no different than running any other business (other than a kids’ yoga business can change the world, of course). You are always looking for income, and in the case of kids’ yoga, that means new clients. It used to be you could recruit new students through word-of-mouth and personal invitations. Nowadays, however, the game has changed and social media is the way to reach the most people, the fastest, and for the least amount of investment. But, and this is the big ‘but’, you have to catch people’s attention.

Think about your last venture onto Facebook or Instagram, how many posts did you just scroll by without so much as a cursory glance? Your challenge as a business owner is to get EYES on you before clients will click on your post. According to Edgerank, a Facebook program for figuring out how much of what you post gets seen by the people who have liked you, you need photos, lots of photos. The Edgerank formula suggests that 90% of your posts include photos.

Now you could just post any old photo, but if you really want to gain views you’ll wfrog-888798_1280ant to edit your photos to really be attention grabbers. Through filters, frames, and text you can create striking pictures that are ready to be ‘liked’, shared, and reposted. Which, of course, means more people seeing what you are offering. To that end, here are a few favorite editing programs and apps that you will want to try (all either free or less than $3).

Retype: Great for creating memes using either your own photo or one of their stock photos. I especially like that you can add text and change the font and style with a simple press of a button. Colors, shadows, and graphics are also included in the style selections.

Rhonna: This app is another great meme maker, using photos you upload or one of their charming backgrounds. Rhonna has tons of fonts, graphics, filters, frames, colors, and options for shadows and spacing. The basic app is free, but there are additional font/theme purchases you could make.

Be Funky: Talk about choices! Take a simple photo and do amazing things with it. With graphics and overlays, you can layer logos and artwork on top of your picture. Plus, dozens of fonts and filters are available. This is my new go-to for creating advertising memes.

Pixabay: Looking for clip art or a specific photo to use? Look no farther. Pixabay has thousands (millions?) of photographs, clip art (some transparent for layering), and backgrounds to create your perfect photo for publishing. And all of the images are free!

Photoshop Mix: Also a good layering app, it also has the capability of removing unwanted objects from your photos. It takes some experimenting to learn how it works, but the basics are pretty easily managed.

Posting pictures is a good way to start generating interest, but you also have to stay in your audience’s face. Post everyday with something interesting, funny, or noteworthy. 22594085706_be056fc0fb_zMake your site interactive by replying to comments, asking questions to start conversations, and giving “shout-outs” to your readers. You could have contests to generate buzz. And if you are a hashtag user, varying your tags often leads you to new viewers.

But start with pictures. And with kids’ yoga, that’s easy because our kiddos are so naturally adorable!

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