Harris and Haris

Harris and Haris

WOWZA! What a crazy few weeks. Or as I have learned through my fellow KAY teachers, it has been CRAY KAY.

Oh, excuse me, where are my manners?! My name is Harris, and yes, Harris is my first name. Yes, I know it is Haris ‘Harini’ Lender’s first name too. She made me spell my name with two R’s so it wouldn’t be the exact same as hers. Haha, I am just kidding around….yoga.com.

So yes, my name is Harris, and I was fortunate enough to learn about Children’s Yoga through other friends who had taken the Kidding Around Yoga training and knew that I would enjoy it, too. I took the training just a few weeks ago and it has been a whirlwind. What they do not tell you before or during the training is that you will get sucked into the world of Children’s Yoga with Kidding Around Yoga, whether you like it or not. The training, the people, and the concept will have a profound effect on you. How could it not? I mean, we are doing something beneficial for so many others, especially children. Another awesome side effect? We, as teachers, reap the benefits too! This training is a great addition to any yoga practice. It is perfect for all yoga levels, whether someone is a new yogi cub or an experienced Yogi Berra.

Here are some key benefits to taking a Kidding Around Yoga training:

  • You can meet and work with an ‘OM-mazing’ group of people.
  • You can create work and work hours that are aligned with the life you want.
  • Most importantly for me personally, and hopefully for all of us, is that you have a wonderful opportunity to get to know yourself better and see the beautiful soul that shines within all of us.

So let me tell you a little about the whirlwind I’ve experienced since I was beaten down and initiated into the KAY Gang. I was the only male in the training and the group took it out on me physically, mentally, and emotionally. I was fortunate that during the initiation beating they didn’t beat me up too bad, and they stayed away from my ‘tingsha bells,’ if you know what I mean. I kid, I kid, and there was no beat down. I was welcomed graciously in the training of 11 beautiful women. They took it pretty easy on me for the most part, and I am grateful to all of them.

Since the training, I (Boy Harris) have been working with Girl Haris (as we refer to each other) to create another song called, wait for it…”The Yogi Shake.” We have been collaborating (muahaha) to craft a new song, a new video, and a new revelation of music for Children’s Yoga and for Kidding Around Yoga. We want to make a bunch of videos of kids, trainers, teachers, random people, and the whole world doing “The Yogi Shake.” I was able to join Girl Haris and her incredibly talented Music Man Mark, as I now call him, in the studio to record this new song. We had a great time making it and coming up with new and ridiculous ideas. That is what Kidding Around Yoga is all about; being creative and having fun, all while moving your body and clearing your mind. It is such a winning combination for kids, and definitely a winning combination for us grown-up kids as well. I wish everyone could have seen the three of us making the song. We were a trio of misfits—laughing, singing, dancing, moving and grooving, and of course, practicing some yoga poses.

Boy Harris

Boy Harris

Since the recording of the song, my life has changed. I now understand what Jay-Z, The Biebs, P-Diddy (or whatever he is calling himself this week), and all of the dudes in the boy bands go through on a daily basis. I have fans following me, love letters flowing in like wine, and random people wanting to take my picture at all times. While it has been nice to finally be seen for my talents and not just my body or looks, it has been a new transition for me.  I am making a vow in this blog, to remain true to who I am, remain true to the KAY Family, and not let fame totally change me. So if you see me poppin’ bottles in the club while I am doing “The Yogi Shake,” then come and shake with me. We are all family and we can all shake it together.

[mp3j track=”www.kiddingaroundyoga.com/mp3/samples/Yogi-Shake-Sample.mp3″ title=”Yogi Shake”] [wp_eStore_buy_now_button id=115]

I look forward to seeing everyone’s awesome Yogi Shake videos and meeting more of you. Thank you to Haris and all of the KAY Family for welcoming me to the gang. Now let’s get shaking!

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