*Today’s guest blogger is Whitney, 15 year old daughter of a “hippie yoga mom”

juiceMy mom is a hippie yoga mom. She wears flowy pants, burns incense, makes BBQ jackfruit, and even has a bobble-head Hotei on the dashboard of her car (I thought it was a Buddha; I was quickly corrected). Instead of going to Olive Garden for lunch, she goes to raw, vegan cafes. She wears mala beads, aromatherapy infused necklaces, and hamsa bracelets. And let’s not forget the beans… in everything! I live with a hippie yoga mom, and if you think you might live with one (or be one), here’s how to figure it out.

1. Incense and Essential Oils
In our house, there is half of a drawer dedicated to incense, and a shelf dedicated to essential oils. Most houses burn candles to make a room smell good, but we use incense of every variety, scent, and purpose on the market. Essential oils also make daily appearances in our house. They’re used in necklaces, to help get sleep, and to prevent motion sickness. If your mom doesn’t use essential oils or incense, then they’re probably not a hippie yoga mom.

2. Kale
In everything. Literally everything. This is no exaggeration. Kale goes into smoothies, soups, salads, and even muffins (they were pretty good though). Did you know that you should massage the kale before you use it? Yeah, I didn’t either. Luckily, that’s what a hippie yoga mom is for- teaching you to massage kale to make it less tough. It’s an ongoing joke in our family, “Mom, does this have kale in it?”. My brother usually wants a “normal” dinner, while I’ve actually grown to enjoy the kale… in most things (desserts should be left kale-free).mom 2

3. Car Décor
My mom has multiple car decorations that show that she is, in fact, a hippie yoga mom. She has two bumper stickers: One of a skull and crossbones made by a rabbit and carrots (it’s from a vegetarian restaurant we went to in Nevada), and another of a quote that says “Live well, laugh often, love much”. No, the car has no “proud mother of” stickers and definitely none of those stick figure families. Inside the car there is a bobble-head Hotei (it makes the car easy to spot in parking lots) with homemade mala bead necklaces dangling from it, in addition to the OM pin on her sunshade. But really, if they don’t promote being a hippie yoga mom, are they truly a hippie yoga mom?

4. Yoga
I think it’s obvious that practicing yoga is a pretty important aspect of being a hippie yoga mom. From the time I was little, I remember my mom telling me to do different breaths when I was stressed, or scared, or even tired. I would “instruct” my mom on doing different poses, and plan out yoga classes using different yoga books. Even now I sometimes still go my mom’s classes, and use the breathing techniques during school and before my theatre performances.

5. Cooking
It’s important to remember that not all hippie yoga moms cook alike. My hippie yoga mom enjoys torturing my brother by putting healthy ingredients in nearly everything she makes. Just a few days ago she made brownies with black beans, and before that she made cookie dough dip with garbanzo beans. Many hippie yoga moms cook foods from other cultures, such as India or Japan. And if she goes to an Asian supermarket to find ingredients that she can’t find at our grocery stores… she, without a doubt, is a hippie yoga mom.

momMy mom is a hippie yoga mom. We listen to Michael Franti on the way to school, she buys essential oil necklaces for relatives’ birthday, and she even puts squash in mac and cheese. And I don’t mind it. I enjoy vegan restaurants, and learning new breathing techniques. The other day, I bought 14 crystals… maybe I’m turning into a hippie yoga mom!

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