I LOVE Halloween and so do my kids. Our costumes are created months in advance and our house is covered with witches and webs. Even our dog dresses up.  Yes. We are “that” family.  As much as I love Halloween and all of the happy haunts it brings, I’m not a big fan of the constant stream of sugar and junk food.  This year, I put my little werewolves to work and we came up with some healthy options for Halloween treats.

1. Jack-O-lantern Stuffed Peppers
Easy, Fun & Kid Approved!

I simply made a batch of spinach pasta and tomato sauce. (Use any recipe your family enjoys.)   Although my boys really enjoyed pretending what the green pasta was (worms, witches hair… the list goes on), we’ve also used spaghetti squash and julienne’d zucchini.
All great options.  All were devoured by my boys.

Pick a few good sized yellow or orange sweet peppers.
Cut the tops off & clean out the seeds.
Have fun carving silly Jack-o-lantern faces.
Stuff the peppers with the prepared spaghetti & enjoy.

We like raw peppers, but you can easily put them (stuffed) in the microwave to soften them up a bit before serving.

2. Spooky Popcorn Hands

Not only is this fun snack healthy, it’s a fun activity for kids to help create.


  • A box of sterile gloves (without powder)
  • A bowl of popcorn
  • Raisins and/or Fruit Gummies

Put a few raisins or gummies in each “finger” of the glove & fill the rest with popcorn.
Tie the end with a rubber band or ribbon.  Easy Peasy & super fun!

3. Pumpkin Snacks
This is the easiest of them all, yet had a big impact on my pantry.

I bought a few packages of mandarin oranges and decorated the tops with a black sharpie. Done & done.
My kids thought they were the coolest things ever.

Get creative and have fun!  Happy Halloween!

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