It’s a Kidding Around Yoga Halloween this year! To open the class, I have the kids lay face down on their mats in crocodile with their foreheads resting on their hands. When everyone is laying quietly with their eyes closed, I put on a black cape and purple witch’s hat. They are quite surprised when they open their eyes, except of course, the ones who were peeking! I have the pose names written on orange index cards (in order of list above). I show them the card and I/they read the name. Then I demo the pose and they do it with me. Next, they can show their own version of the pose.

I have a small, rubbery, bendy skeleton that I came across a few years ago. He sits in Lotus while we do our poses. I play Monster Mash, the original version from way back, for a few minutes.

While the poses move quickly, you might not get through the entire list, depending on the length of your class, especially if they get really creative with their ideas!

1. OWL – reach across body to grab the back of shoulder, look at shoulder. Pranayama: Inhale through nose and exhale to make hooting sounds (do the other shoulder)

2. Scaredy Cat / Halloween Cats – hiss, arch back – Meow!

3. Moon – curved crescent, Reverse Warrior and Warrior 2 – Curved back

4. Ghost or Mummy – floating arms – Pranayama: inhale through nose, exhale ghost sounds! Repeat several times.

5. Wolf / Werewolf – on knees – Pranayama: Inhale through nose and exhale a howl

6. Goblin – make up their own pose

7. Pumpkin Squats – squat down & make a Jack-o-Lantern face

8. Zombies or Frankenstein – walk stiff legged with arms extended out

9. Haunted Tree Pose – creaky noises, windy night

10. Bats – flap down and back up

11. Wicked Witches – How do witches sound? Pranayama: Inhale through nose and exhale a cackle! Repeat several times.

12. Gate Pose & Reverse Gate – with lots of Squeaks & Creaks

13. Vampire Bat – modified Shoulder Stand (Candle) – bats sleeping upside down

14. Fish Pose (after shoulder stand) – stinky fish guts for black cats – ugh!

15. Scarecrow (or Skeleton) – “mirror” your partner’s movements

16. Spider – Partner Pose – back to back, move arms & legs

17. Uncarved Pumpkin – in the Pumpkin Patch/farmer’s field (Child’s pose)

Then read them a story from any of these books:

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