Looking for a way to combine Black History Month (February) with your Yoga class? Look no further! Here’s a fun little story to get a conversation sta20059002972_845fea714d_zrted:

Keisha the Dolphin and Olivia CAT were sitting at the park at a TABLE doing their homework.

Keisha the DOLPHIN said she was studying about Black History month. Olivia the CAT was doing her math and asked her to tell her about what she was writing.

She started out by saying that African people came to America on BOATS to become slaves. They were treated very poorly even though they farmed the land and PLOWED the fields to make America beautiful.

Olivia the CAT asked her to share some of the stories of the people she was writing about.

Keisha the DOLPHIN told her about the first woman astronaut named Dr. Jemison. She FLEW into orbit around the world. She told her about Martin Luther King who said we should let freedom ring from one MOUNTAIN top to another all over America. She told her about Rosa Parks who refused to sit in a CHAIR in the back of the bus. She told her about a famous boxer who would not become a WARRIOR in the Army but was the greatest boxer ever and he said: I float like a BUTTERFLY and sting like a bee and my name is Muhyoga for children online trainingamed Ali.

And of course our first African American president who used to live in Hawaii but FLEW on an AIRPLANE to come here and lead our great country

Olivia had learned about some of these people on TV…but was very excited to learn more. She offered to teach Keisha about the exciting fractions she was studying but they both agreed it had been a long day so they both decided to lay down and take a nap at the park…Deep Relaxation!


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