Yoga and Boy Scouts and Tree Pose… Oh MY!

Vriksasana, Tree Pose, is a one-legged balancing posture that has endless variations and modifications as either a solitary tree or a forest, with arms as branches that wave in the wind or remain calm at your heart center. The benefits of practicing this posture...

The Secret Garden

Anxiety and stress are very genuine and present dangers to our children. Learning to listen to their bodies and relax are important life skills. Many families are back to school and picking up their routines again. This can mean over-scheduled, over-caffeinated...

Locks And Keys Yoga Story

Here at Kidding Around Yoga (KAY), we teach regular people, parents, teachers, and yoga instructors alike how to share yoga and stress management with children. One of our favorite ways to teach themes, several poses, and yoga philosophy (like this story does) is...
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