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Yoga is Accessible for EVERYBODY!

Trying to get my accessible yoga for kids class at full throttle was really hard work. To actually get the parents to bring the children and maintain this new habit was even harder. Why?

This question still ruffles my peacock feathers as I really don’t know. So I’ve joined forces with our local council to get yoga to these awesome children AND parents! Friday, October 31st is the date for our workshop, where children with special needs and their siblings will come and play, learn and love.

Nervous? Probably, but I’m putting all my nerves into bubbles and blowing them away as this is way too good an excuse to let fear and nerves start affecting me.

What do I want to present itself in this workshop?

I want not only for the children to get a sense of identity, connect with other children and have fun, fun, fun, but for the parents to expand their consciousness and get on their mat and share this fun. I want the parents to take this day home with their children and use it during the fun and not so fun times. I want to create the secret garden for EVERYBODY.

What am I going to do? Thanks to my Kidding Around Yoga training, which I took online, I know exactly what to do.

We’re going to craft it up baby! Talking sticks with as much glitter and shimmer Epping Forest can supply. We’re going to share ideas on the locks and the keys. We’re going to sail off into A Yogi Went to Sea – ahoooooy captain! Giggle and wiggle and Yogi Shake ourselves silly. What are you Orange You Grateful For??

[mp3j track=”″ title=”Orange You Grateful?”] [wp_eStore_buy_now_button id=17]

Due to some children having difficulty getting up and down quickly, maybe I will tell a short story about a baby. Rock the baby, kiss the baby and changing the diaper will hopefully get them all rolling and laughing into their bellies. With this in mind, our Sun Salutations will be all standing, so they don’t have to get up and down, up and down.

I have no expectations with this workshop. I am just happy to be involved. And guess what? I’ve just received an email to say that we are OVER-booked! I feel so so positive about this workshop that if things don’t go according to plan, so what? I’ve learned to let the children guide me, as when I listen this is when they let their eagle wings open and we all fly together.

Any thoughts or ideas greatly welcomed with regard to this workshop.

Namaste x


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