Academic Discount

If you sign up for an upcoming regular LIVE TRAINING as a FULL-TIME academic school employee, please email with proof of employment (include the date and location of your training) for a 33% discount. Proof of employment must be provided in the form of a photo/copy of a current pay stub displaying your name, the school name and phone number (for verification purposes), and the date. We will reply with the discount code. Payment plans are also available with this discount. However you will not graduate nor receive your certificate until your balance is paid in full.

Homeschooling Parents/ Part Time School Employees

You qualify for a 15% discount. Please send us any proof of employment at a school or receipt from book/curriculum purchases to show us that you are indeed changing the world one smart kid at a time in the comfort of your own home or at a local school.

To get started:

  1. Email with the following (including date and location of the training):

    I am interested in the FULL-TIME Academic School Employee Discount (33%) for the ____DATE____ training in ___CITY, STATE, COUNTRY___. I am including my pay stub as proof of my full-time employment at ____ School at (___) ___-____ number.


    I am interested in the PART-TIME Academic School Employee Discount (15%) for the ____DATE____ training in ___CITY, STATE, COUNTRY___. I have attached ______ as proof of my part-time employment/homeschool.

    If there is a spot open, we will give you your discount code.

  3. Click on the Register button for your chosen training.
  4. Under “Checkout Options” make sure to enter your discount code into the field.
  5. Register and Pay.
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