Continuing Education with the Yoga Alliance

ALL of this information is taking directly from the Yoga Alliance website.

This information ONLY applies to Yoga teachers registered through the Yoga Alliance. A Registered Yoga Teacher has the designation RYT.

What are CEUs and why do I need them?

Continuing Education Units. RYTs are required to submit 30 hours of Yoga continuing education training every 3 years. At least 10 of these hours must be contact hours.

What are CONTACT Hours?

Contact hours are in-person classroom hours in the physical presence of a qualified instructor.
ONE Contact hour of continuing education is achieved by completing ONE hour of teacher training.

What are NON-CONTACT Hours?

Non-contact hours are any activity done on your own time (reading a book that deepens your practice, taking an ONLINE COURSE, receiving mentoring by telephone, etc.)
ONE non-contact hour of continuing education is achieved by completing ONE hour of activities.

How do I claim my CEUs?

Submit your Continuing Education by going to the Yoga Alliance website and logging into your online account.

What CEUs does Kidding Around Yoga offer?

Kidding Around Yoga currently offers 18 contact hours in a live training AND at least 5 non-contact hours in the online training.
So the available CEUs are:
18 (contact) + 5 (non-contact) = 23 TOTAL CEUs

Kidding Around Yoga is not responsible for submitting your continuing education credits. You submit your own information by going to your Yoga Alliance account. Currently the Yoga Alliance does not require RYTs to provide any sort of certificate of completion or attendance record for their continuing education. Reporting your continuing education requirements is done by the honor system today.